New Construction & Renovation

  • Faster Establishment
  • Improved Retention of Nutrients and Pesticides
  • Integrated Moisture Management System

07-12-13 Justin on Green   07-30-13 Green # 9 - 39 Days - Compressed

Tequesta Country Club – Summer 2013

Greens have reached 70% coverage in 21 days and 100% coverage in 39 days

  • Maxand accelerates the establishment of new and renovated greens, reducing the grow-in period by several weeks. Rapid coverage means play begins sooner and weather-related damage is minimized.
  • Maxand’s beneficial properties remain after the grow-in period.  The Maxand technology is permanently coated onto USGA spec sand and blends evenly and uniformly into the greens mix.  Maxand will not float, crush or migrate.
  • Maxand’s hydrophilic properties, wetting the root zone uniformly and managing moisture, will help prevent the development of Localized Dry Spots during the life of the greens.
  • Maxand holds nutrients and pesticides in the root zone longer, improving their efficacy and reducing environmental impact.  Greater efficiency means reduced nutrient and pesticide application.
  • Maxand-amended greens require less irrigation. Hand watering is dramatically reduced or eliminated saving significant labor effort and expense.

Maxand Installation Process

Quantity of Maxand is determined by desired blend and depth.

Maxand can be roto-tilled into the root zone to a depth of 4”.  

Maxand can also be incorporated to a depth of 2” using a trap rake

Incorporating 1 compressed

Wilderness Maxand Blend Profile 1
Wilderness Maxand Blend Profile 2

Application Rates for New Construction

The Maxand installation process is simple and economical.  Maxand is spread uniformly onto greens mix surface and incorporated using a roto-tiller or sand rake depending on the preferred depth of the Maxand mix.  Maxand can be incorporated at recommended rates of 15% to 20% at depths of 4” or 2”.

Maxand Blend 80:20 Top 4″ of Root Zone Top 2″ of Root Zone
Tons per 1,000 Sq. Ft. 3.3 Tons 1.7 Tons

05-17-13 Wilderness Roots - Cropped This plug was taken from a green amended with Maxand at an 80:20 rate and sprigged with MiniVerde Bermudagrass 22 months prior to the photo being taken. Post grow-in, Maxand was incorporated into the root zone after grow-in at a rate of 90:10. The benefits of Maxand remain in the soil profile and contributed to a vigorous growing environment.