Our Scientists

Maxand was founded by three well-known scientists.

Dr. Max A. Brown

Dr. Max Brown - PhotoDr. Brown manages the business affairs of the company. Dr. Brown received a B. S. degree in Agronomy from Iowa State University, a M. S. Degree in Turfgrass Management and a PhD degree in soil science from the University of Florida. He worked as a research chemist for the National Fertilizer Development Center in Mussel Shoals, Alabama. He served as Staff Agronomist for Robert Trent Jones, Inc. Golf Course Architect for ten years building and advising on golf courses around the world. Dr. Brown operated his own consulting firm for thirty years working with golf course clients throughout Florida, around the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, Hawaii, The British Isles and Europe. He has lectured extensively at technical conferences and trade meetings in many parts of the world. From 1996 – 1999 he served as Director of Agronomy for The Toro Company and member of the Toro Turf  Technology Center. He was the 1983 recipient of the Florida Turfgrass Association Wreath of Grass award; it’s highest citation for service to the turfgrass industry in Florida. Dr. Brown is the holder of United States Patent Number 4,677,921. Agricultural Chemical Applicator. Dr. Brown was founder, President, General Manager and Owner of Liquid Ag Systems, Inc,, developing the technology and promoting the concept of Fertigation on golf courses, the use of liquid fertilizers on nurseries, vegetable farms and lawn care. The company was sold to The Toro Company in 1996.

Dr. George H. Snyder

Dr. George Snyder - PhotoDr. Snyder manages Product Research and Development. Dr. Snyder is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Soil and Water Science, U of F and was selected U of Florida Research Foundation Professor (1997-1999). He received the Ph.D degree in soil science from Ohio State University in 1967. Since his appointment to the U of F in 1967, Dr. Snyder has worked in the area of soils related turfgrass management. His turfgrass interests have included investigations of nutritional problems of warm season turfgrasses, improving fertilizer efficiency, reducing nutrient runoff/leaching, improving turfgrass irrigation practices and evaluating soil physical parameters for turfgrass. He examined pesticide fate in turfgrass and the consequences for human exposure under grants from the USGA. For 15 years he taught U of F courses in soil and water sciences. Dr. Snyder served as treasurer of the International Turfgrass Society of America and as Associate Editor (C-5 Division) of the Journal of Crop Science. He was editor of the International Turfgrass Society Newsletter 2001-2005, is Past President of the Florida Soil and Crop Science Society, and was elected a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and the Soil Science society of America. He was awarded the Florida Senate Medallion of Excellence in 2003 and was the 2005 Dedicatee, Volume 64.Currently he is Technical Consultant for the Milorganite Division of the Milwaukee Municipal Sewerage Department working with soils, nutritional and turfgrass management related issues. He operates an Agronomic Consulting Service for various private, corporate and governmental entities through his firm, PhD Laboratory.

Curtis Elliott

Curtis Elliot - PhotoMr. Elliott is responsible for chemical development. He received a B.S. degree with majors in chemistry and biology from the University of Hawaii. He was senior research chemist for the U of F from 1982-2000 specializing in soil chemistry and water quality, and was the Coordinator of Laboratory Services and teacher at Florida Atlantic University until 2004. He received a patent for a hydrophilic polymeric adsorbent which, in conjunction with clay, can be coated on silica sand to reduce pesticide and nutrient leaching in root zones, and improve water retention. the value of the product was demonstrated in a University of Florida Ph.D study.