Demonstration of Maxand’s Ability to Enhance Pesticide Retention and Accelerate Turf Recovery

Fairy Ring Trial – Pesticide Retention

September 3, 2011

In this study, three plots were treated with a leading fungicide alone, Maxand alone, and a combination of the fungicide and Maxand

09-03-11 West Plot - 3 south plots plots - Pre-Treatment - Cropped and compressed

Day 25 September 28, 2011

Fungicide A Only

Fungicide A + Maxand

Maxand Only

Fungicide A Looking East - Compressed
Fungicide A Maxand Looking East - Compressed
Maxand Looking East - Compressed


  1. Maxand Only Plot: Considerable improvement due to Maxand’s ability to reduce the damage from the hydrophobic soil condition caused by the fairy ring, and providing an improved growing environment for the plant.
  2. Fungicide A Only: Fungicide A appears to have been effective treating the fairy ring.
  3. The combination of Fungicide A and Maxand showed a much better recovery than either treatment alone. Fungicide A effectively treated the fairy ring while Max and appears to have enhanced Fungicide A’s ability to perform while also providing a more hydrophilic growing environment for the plant.