Pesticides Held in Rootzone Longer

Pesticides held in rootzone longerMaxand reduces leaching of many pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, herbicides) and plant growth regulators, including environmentally persistent pesticides whose mobility in soil poses environmental concern. Leaching reductions of greater than 90% have been demonstrated.

How does Maxand Enhance Pesticide Efficacy?

  • Chemical efficacy is a function of inherent toxicity, dose and exposure time. Maxand’s surface loosely binds pesticide in the root-zone, minimizing leaching loss and maximizing exposure time of the pesticide, effectively solubilizing the pesticide for delivery to the point of lethal contact with the pathogen.
  • Maxand’s solid-state wetting agent properties help to distribute soil water and the pesticide uniformly throughout the root-zone.
  • The use of Maxand, independent of a pesticide application, will also improve and enhance root and top growth.

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