Putting Green and Chipping Green Regrassing

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

On August 11, 2011 two adjacent practice greens, a Putting Green and Chipping Green, were re-grassed with Platinum Paspalum. Sod was stripped from both greens and additional greens mix applied. The Chipping Green’s mix was amended with Maxand at a rate of 20% (80/20 mix) and incorporated by rototilling. The Putting Green was not amended; however USGA spec sand was added to its surface. The two greens provide a useful side-by-side comparison. By August 30th, the 20th day after sprigging, there was a very striking difference between the Chipping Green with 20% Maxand and the Putting Green with no Maxand. The turfgrass on the Maxand-amended green was a deeper green and more dense. There was also a covering of black algae on the soil of the non-Maxand Putting Green (below, right). The Chipping Green containing Maxand had no algae (below, left). It is thought the algae on the Putting Green developed due to the hydrophobicity of the existing soil. Applications of water and nutrients on the putting green were not able to adequately penetrate into the soil. Maxand’s hydrophilic coating, a solid-state wetting agent, provided a uniform wetting of the root zone on the Chipping Green allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate. On Day 27, the Chipping Green with Maxand had reached 70% coverage. The Putting Green without Maxand was less than 50% covered. Algae was still evident in several areas of the Putting Green.

Day 20 – Chipping Green with Maxand

Day 20 – Putting Green without Maxand

Maxand Chipping Green  - Day 20

No-Maxand Putting Green  - Day 20

Day 27- Chipping Green with Maxand

Day 27 – Putting Green without Maxand

Maxand Chipping Green-Day 27

Non-Maxand Chipping Green - Day 27