Nursery Green Regrassing

Wilderness Country Club, Naples, FL

On July 7, 2011 a 7,000 Square Foot nursery green, previously built to USGA specifications, was sprigged with MiniVerde bermudagrass at Wilderness Country Club in Naples, FL as part of a re-grassing of the green. The rootzone was amended with Maxand at a rate of 20% by rototilling a surface layer of Maxand uniformly into the rootzone to a depth of six inches. Because Maxand is coated USGA spec sand, it blends easily and uniformly into the existing greensmix. Jim Torba, Golf Course Superintendent, applied a minimal amount of N (1.2 lbs. N/1,000SF) in order to minimize thatch development during the first seven weeks of the grow-in. Maxand’s ability to maximize the efficiency of nutrient input resulted in a grow-in that had reached over 90% by the 7th week.

Maxand Blended Uniformly into Greensmix

Day 21- 40% coverage

Wilderness Maxand Blend Profile 1
wcc 21

Day 35- 60% coverage

Day 49- 90% coverage

wcc 35
wcc 49

05-17-13 Wilderness Roots - Cropped
This large plug was removed from the Nursery Green 22 months after sprigging.  Impressive root growth demonstrates that Maxand’s moisture management system and nutrient holding capacity results in a healthy growing environment.



The Wilderness CC grow-in demonstrates Maxand’s ability to establish turfgrass coverage quickly with minimal nutrient input. Lower nutrient input results in overall cost savings for the project.A faster establishment means a decreased chance of damage due to washouts and other weather-related damage. It also means the golf course, and golf revenues, are back in play sooner