Maxand Grow-in Plots after 45 Days

On February 21, 2011 four grow-in plots were established att he University of Florida Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center per the descriptions and ratings below. The results demonstrate that Maxand’s beneficial properties accelerate turfgrass establishment when compared to a conventional rootzone mix of 90/10 sand/peat. The combination of Maxand and a 90/10 sand/peat mix was the most effective rootzone blend.

Coverage Ratings by Dr. John Cisar
60% 90% 75% 100%
FLREC Grow-In 04-09-11 A Compressed
USGA Sand Only USGA Sand + 25% Maxand USGA Sand + 10% Peat USGA Sand + 10% Peat + 25% Maxand

All mixes contain dolomite, triple superphosphate, and Scotts Micromax.

Fertilized weekly with 20-14-13 + Micros at 1 lb N/1000 square feet