Maxand Field Grow-in Comparison with a Porous Ceramic Amendment

On October 18, 2005, two plots 0.5 x 2 m were excavated to a depth of 15 cm on a USGA green in Ft. Lauderdale, and refilled with a USGA-specification sand receiving one of two amendements: Maxand at 25% by weight or a porous ceramic amendment at 15% by weight. Both mixes contained dolomite, triple super phosphate, and Fer-A-Grow + K to provide 1500, 400, and 1000 pounds per acre, respectively. After tamping the root zone, the plots were planted with 200 g (fresh weight) Tifdwarf bermudagrass sprigs. The plots were irrigated to maintain soil moisture, and fertilized beginning two weeks after planting with nitrogen and potassium weekly at 1 lb of each nutrient per 1000 square feet. The rate of coverage was rated and photographed periodically during the grow-in period.

The rate of coverage was much faster in the presence of the Maxand amendment than for the porous ceramic amendment

Amendment 11/18 11/28
Porous ceramic amendment 35 50
Maxand 50 80
Bermudagrass coverage (%) on two dates for two soil amendments


Effect of soil amendment on bermudagrass coverage 41 days after planting. Left: Porous ceramic amendment Right: Maxand