Accelerates Establishment of Turfgrass on New and Renovated Greens

Results from university and field research as well as grow-ins of new and renovated greens prove that Maxand can reduce grow-in periods by several weeks. Rapid coverage means weather-related damage is minimized. Play,and revenues, begin sooner.

Maxand’s beneficial properties that accelerate establishment remain in the root zone for the life of the greens. Maxand’s coating is permanent.  After establishment, recovery from routine maintenance is accelerated. Maxand’s hydrophilic properties distribute moisture uniformly in the root zone and reduce or eliminate Localized Dry Spots and the symptoms of Fairy Ring. Nutrients and pesticide applications are held in the root zone longer, improving their efficacy and reducing environmental impact.

Maxand can be introduced into the root zone mix by applying Maxand to the surface of the green and blending it into the soil profile with the use of a rototiller or sand rake. Since Maxand is coated USGA spec sand it blends evenly and uniformly into the greens mix.

Application rates for Maxand vary depending on project budget. The optimal rate of Maxand in the greens mix is 20% (80:20). However, positive results can be achieved at lower rates with the lowest recommended rate being 90:10. Studies and grow-ins on the following pages have also shown that Maxand and a small amount of peat often provide a synergy that outperforms a root zone mix of Maxand or peat alone.

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