Features of Maxand

At the heart of Maxand is a complex, patented process with uniquely adheres a pegylated copolymer and clay to USGA spec sand. Key features provided by this technology are:

  • Soil Moisture Management
  • Nutrient Retention and Enhancement
  • Pesticide Retention and Enhancement
  • Excludes Sodium
  • Retains Beneficial Sand Properties
  • Provides Improved Growing System

Unlike other products that primarily absorb moisture, nutrients and pesticides internally, Maxand’s coating “adsorbs” these critical inputs on the particle surface. By adsorbing water, nutrients and pesticides externally on each Maxand particle surface, Maxand dramatically increases their effectiveness and uniform availability. Maxand keeps water, nutrients and pesticides in a plant available form within the root system. Maxand deters pesticides and nutrients from leaching into the groundwater.

Benefits of Using Maxand in Your Rootzone

The above features produce the following critically important benefits to Turf Growth:

  • Accelerates Establishment and Grow-In of new or renovated greens by several weeks.
  • Accelerates recovery from routine maintenance like aerification or verticutting.
  • Enhances root growth
  • Permanent, solid-state, wetting agent. Reduces or eliminates Localized Dry Spots (LDS). Reduces watering requirements and need for hand watering.
  • Holds nutrients in the root zone longer, making them more efficient and readily available to the plant
  • Reduces leaching of pesticides and nutrients, making them more efficient and more environmentally friendly.
  • Reduces costs. The uptake of everything you deliver to the plant is more efficient.
  • Improves Plant Health and Turf Quality

Maxand can be installed into the rootzone at the time of construction or, on existing greens, through normal cultural practices of aerification and topdressing.