ICCC 09-08-11 Day 35 Accelerates Establishment of turfgrass on new and renovated greens. Reduces grow-in period by several weeks. The beneficial properties that accelerate establishment remain permanently in the root zone. Read more
Enhances Root Growth Maxand’s beneficial properties of moisture management and improved nutrient efficiency provide an improved growing environment resulting in a positive root response.Read more
LDS Green - Tatum Ridge - Compressed Solid-State Wetting Agent. Maxand reduces or eliminates Localized Dry Spots. Maxand's hyrdophilic polymer provides permanent uniform water penetration and distibution at the top of the root zone - where it is critically needed. Read more
Golf Mainteance Workers Accelerates recovery from routine maintenance like core aerification or verticutting. Turf recovers faster. Playable conditions are restored sooner. Players return earlier. Owner satisfaction and golf revenues improve. Read more
Divot recovery time is reduced with Maxand in the divot mix. Just as Maxand accelerates grow-in of new greens, divots are repaired much faster.Read more
Non-Maxand Maxand
Fertilizing Green Holds essential plant nutrients in the root zone longer, making them more efficient and readily available to the plant. Superintendents report improved CEC and soil test values: high Ca, K, P and Mg. Read more
Spray Rig Holds Pesticides, Reduces Leaching, making them more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Potential for rapid leaching and environmental contamination is reduced. Read more
Topdressing Photo Retains beneficial sand properties. Maxand is coated USGA spec sand with the same density and hardness. Maxand does not crush or become "mushy" like other inorganic amendments and it contains large open pores for drainage and air movement. Read more